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Martina Star
Model Data Martina Star
DOBJune 23
Height5' 7"
Weight107 lbs.
Martina Star

About Martina Star...

phil-fucking-flash The word stunning will probably be used a lot throughout this site, but fuck an A... Martina is not only stunning, she's exotic, erotic, and every other word in the dictionary with meanings close to beautiful. Seriously, Martina is super model material! And here she is, in a phil-flash amateur model, multi-model, multi-core, mega-site. Become stunned like me... start collecting all of Martina's sexy photo sets right now!

Martina is from Italy. She was 21 when she shot this material, but I have access to her shoots when she was 18 and 19 as well. Those sets will be added at a later date. Once you have a chance to go through the photo sets, you will see that Martina is something else. She has a lot of unique poses and expressions, which add to the I have to collect all of her content desire that she forces upon us.

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The great philosopher photographer... phil-flash
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Martina Star
Martina Star
Martina Star
Martina Star
Martina Star
Martina Star
Martina Star
Martina Star
Martina Star
Martina Star

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